Hunting caracal with dogs

Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by billc, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Jaco throwing the dad down to the ground and grabbing the kid is not what I have in mind.LOL I am thinking you or jaques just might trip me and save dakota.I have not talked with jacques about this yet but good to know you do this also as he has said good things about you.Is this type of hunt one you can pass on females to keep hunting for a big male or is this take what you can.
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    It's not about whether it can or can't be done. Sure it can be done. Wild animals, when put under pressure, can react in any way. Maybe we have a different "sub-specie" of caracal down here in the Eastern Cape.( Just joking Jaco) The ones that we hunt here, seem to want to eat you. Majority of cats taken here I have found were on the ground, and challenging the dogs, and not in the tree. In the tree, no problem. On the ground, with 10 dogs snapping at it, getting poked by a sharp object.....tends to annoy them a bit.

    Hey billc, see if you can get yourself a little handycam or something, then you can start to record once you start running after the dogs and post it here when you get back.

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