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    Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec), Argentina, USA
    Hunt Zimbabwe with Touch Africa Safaris.

    The daily rates are as follows:
    1x1 $400.00 per day per person
    2x1 $300.00 per day per person
    Non-hunter $175.00 per day per person

    Included in daily rate is: lodging, meals, PH, staff.

    Not included: Airport transfer of $200.00 for group, 4% Tax on daily rate and trophy fees, pack / dip / shipping of trophies.

    AFRICAN WILD CAT $250.00
    BABOON $100.00
    BUSHBUCK $700.00
    BUSHPIG $350.00
    CARACAL, SERVIL $500.00
    CIVET $300.00
    DUIKER $200.00
    ELAND $1500.00
    GENET –SPOTTED $200.00
    GIRAFFE $1500.00
    GRYSBUCK $400.00
    HONEY BADGER $250.00
    HYENA-SPOTTED $400.00
    IMPALA $200.00
    JACKEL $100.00
    KLIPSPRINGER $600.00
    KUDU $1050.00
    LEOPARD $3000.00
    MONKEY $100.00
    SABLE $3000.00
    STEENBUCK $400.00
    WARTHOG $300.00
    WATERBUCK $1500.00
    WILDEBEEST (BLUE) $800.00
    ZEBRA (BURCHELLS) $850.00

    Also available are:
    Management Cape Buffalo Hunts for 2012 (Sold Out for 2010 and 2011)
    These hunts are 10 days and include the trophy fee for one Cape Buffalo Bull that will be between 33”36” in width. These are old bulls with heavy bosses and long horns. Plains Game is also available while on this hunt for the listed trophy fee. Non-trophy animals will be $35.00 each.
    The cost of this hunt is $7000.00

    10 Day Trophy Cape Buffalo
    These hunts are 10 days and include the trophy fee for one Trophy Cape Buffalo Bull. Plains Game is also available while on this hunt for the listed trophy fee. Non-trophy animals will be $35.00 each.
    The cost is 1x1 $11,500.00

    10 Day Elephant / Plains Game Safari
    This hunt is 10 days and include the trophy fee for one Elephant Bull which will carry tusks of between 35-40 lbs. While hunting the Elephant you can take Plains Game for the trophy fee listed above. This is a exportable trophy.
    The cost of this hunt is $17,000.00

    Management Hunts
    We are offering groups of hunters a great daily rate and the opportunity to shoot trophy animals as well as do some culling at a very low cost.

    The daily rate will be $1000.00 per day for a group of four – six people. If there are four people the daily rate is $250.00 per day. If the group is six the daily rate is $175.00 per day. Not all persons have to hunt there can be non-hunters in the group. The hunters may take trophy animals at normal daily rates listed below. Non-trophy animals will be available for $35.00 per animal. The determination of what is a non-trophy will be at the discretion of the PH. The non-trophy animals include Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Eland and possibly other species with broken horns.
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    Canada (British Columbia, Alberta), Mexico, Zimbabwe, South Africa (Limpopo, North Cape), USA
    If anybody considering a hunt with Touch Africa Safaris would like a reference, feel free to contact me, Terry and Jon set me up with the best hunt I could imagine and a perfect introduction to African hunting. I've only hunted Africa once, but can say with conviction it's just not possible to have a better experience. I'm gaining nothing from my plug here, I just feel they did me so many favours in making the dream and experience a reality, and a perfect one, the least I can do is tell people what a great time it was.

    Here's my review of my Buffalo management hunt this April, these kind of deals won't last forever, and I'm just so glad I was able to take advantage of it. Likely the only way I'd hunt an old Cape Buffalo bull before I'm 40. And don't be deceived... the Buffalo are really good. Everybody I show my Buffalo to says the same thing, "that's a hell of a 'management' buffalo!" A coworker of mine went to Africa after me this year, and said the same of my buff, so if you're on the fence, message me and I'll tell ya even more.

    The review:

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