Hunt with 475 Linebaugh and 500 Wyoming

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    Recent South African hunt that was the high point of my handgun hunting career. Took an old Cape buff with my open sight Freedom Arms 500 Wyoming shooting Grizzly Ammo`s 420gr Punch bullet load. Also had some handloads using a 325gr A-frame over 30.0grs LilGun. My other hunting handgun was a Freedom Arms 10 inch
    barrel, scoped 475 Linebaugh shooting 380gr Punch bullet over 25.6grs of 296 along with some Hornady 400gr
    XTP ammo. Also took a bush buck, nyala, warthog, red hartebeest and duiker. The XTP has to be the most consistent non-premium bullet on the market. A recovered bullet may not look pretty but they work. The Swift
    A-frame is the best bonded JHP bullet you can buy. Each has its place..... Thanks for looking at my photos

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