Gaining a Professional Hunter license

Discussion in 'Hunting Africa' started by redriverjake, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Thanks shakari I might just do it if I'm in good enough health to chase Vaal Rhebok over top of the highest peak in the Winterburg Mountains(spelling) doing the PH Couse might be fun. Bob :D

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    Hi All,

    Been reading this thread for a while and really took the time to ponder over a response as its something I personally have a strong feeling about. Let me start with these quotes....

    Unfortunately @shakari and @DOC-404 you guys hit the nail on the head here. I am one of these cases of not really receiving "a leg up" from those guys successfully involved in the industry and at times the most i have asked for is simple advice but did not even get that. But no tears for me thanks, I'm thick skinned and got irish blood running through my veins so i dont want any handouts, maybe a point in the right direction every now and again! Which means it will be a long and difficult road getting to my dream of becoming a well respected Outfitter one day....and i will get there. And when I do, this thread can be my witness, my door will always be open to those wanting to learn about the industry, those wanting to work together or even those looking for a simple apprenticeship(y) Because heaven knows Iv sent my fair share of emails, made the calls and knocked on doors.

    That being said and here's the almost hypercritical side of things (oh boy Im gonna get slayted for this.:unsure:) There is definately an excess of young and talented, well experienced and qualified PHs in RSA that are not working because their simply isn't enough positions available to them, myself included. I don't doubt those guys that are based in other countries, their ability to hunt or guide a client, hell in fact they probably better than some African PHs but i would feel gutted being a born and bred African, growing up amongst the wild animals of the bush only to be told I could not be a PH in my country because some one from over the seas had been hired.:cry:
    Iam not sure of the finer details of the Alien Act and yes it probably does need some tweaking but I do agree that the honour of being a PH in Africa should be protected for the citizens. By all means come and do the course and improve your skills but there is already so many locals out there desperate for the same position. But hey should that all change then know this, I will be the first to offer any assistance to anyone out there wanting to be a PH......just give the local guys a chance first!;)

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