End of season elephant hunt in Caprivi

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    There are an trophy elephant or 2 left in concessions ajoining mine, and also one on Sobbe, and I can offer the following deal:
    Date: preferably 13 to 20 November 2011, but available up to 30 November.
    Dayfees US$ 7 000. (8 hunting days, client has to fly into Kasane/ Katima Mulilo for pick up or drop off. Extra days booked at US$ 800/ day.)
    Trophy fee for 1 elephant bull: US$ 15 000
    Location: Caprivi, Namibia
    Hunt will take place out of Sobbe camp, but not exclusively in Sobbe concession.

    Other game available:
    Roan US$ 6500
    Zebra US$ 900
    Kudu US$ 700
    Hippo US$ 3500
    I am leaving on a hunt into an area where there is no cell coverage, so all interested parties should contact my wife by email: nestumpfe@gmail.com , as she will be in satellite comms with me. These hunts have to be done before 30 November 2011. The PHs for the hunt would be me or Fred Bezuidenhout. (I am only available for the date 13-20 November).

    Karl Stumpfe

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