Discounted 10 day, Couples Africa Hunting Package = $3550

Discussion in 'GREAT DEALS on Hunts Worldwide' started by Siegfried, Mar 8, 2010.

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    PHASA (Professional Hunters Association of South Africa)
    We have discounted our 10 Day, Couples Africa Hunting Safari Package from the normal Price of $ 4200 to
    NOW ONLY $3550 per hunters' couple

    This deal will be valid till end of August 2010 only. It will be for couples or father and son/daughter or mother and son/daughter groups.

    This Package include:
    Daily rates for 2x Hunters, 2x Blue Wildebeest, 2x Warthog, 10 Hunting Days, all inclusive hunting 2 on 1.

    Discounted Prices available on the following species till end of August 2010 for add on !!!
    Burchell's Zebra now $750
    Giraffe now $1100
    Warthog now $250
    Impala now $250
    Blue Wildebeest now $450
    Buffalo Bull now $8200 (Adult, management bulls.)
    Buffalo Cow now $4200

    Any other species or hunting/photografic safari days can be added according to our 2010 price list.

    Contact me if you have any questions regarding this package.
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    Namibia, South Africa (East Cape, Guateng and Limpopo)
    Considering how much I like to shoot zebra....and would love to get a giraffe...doesn't look like a bad hunt. Too bad I'm still paying the taxidermy and shipping from my last hunt. Zebra, giraffe and warthogs...sounds like fun!!!

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