Controversies on official trophy score measurements

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    Subscriber Roger Gregg says he

    was overcharged $1,000 for a red

    stag trophy because his operator

    intentionally over-scored it and

    later refused to acknowledge the

    erroneous score. Gregg hunted red

    deer in Argentina in April 2011 with

    Luis Bertone at La Colorada ranch

    in La Pampa. On the score sheet

    provided to Gregg, Bertone scored the

    animal at 361 SCI. çš„ truly doubted

    the stag was that good, he says. So,

    he had the antlers re-scored by an SCI

    measurer in the US when he received

    the trophy. The score was 316 SCI,

    which was about what Gregg says he

    had expected of the trophy.

    å…¸o make absolutely certain of the

    score, I made a 200-mile trip to have

    a Master Measurer with 35 years of

    experience also measure the stag. The

    Master Measurer got a score of 322.

    Luis reaction to the 316 score was that

    the US SCI measurers do not know

    how to measure stags.

    Gregg also submitted a complaint to

    SCI about the matter, which ignited

    a veritable firestorm. In the February

    2012 issue of Safari Times, published

    monthly by Safari Club International

    (SCI), Chairman of the SCI Record

    Book & World Hunting Awards

    Committee (and longtime Hunting

    Report subscriber) Herb Atkinson

    wrote that some SCI members who had

    taken trophies in South America would

    be asked to have them rescored. An ad

    hoc committee reviewed hundreds

    of Record Book entries from South

    America and identified dozens of

    entries that had possibly been scored

    incorrectly. The committee further

    concluded that certain outfitters had

    inflated scores of animals to charge

    higher trophy fees or to have animals

    taken with their company rank higher

    in the record book.

    In the June 2012 issue of Safari Times,

    Atkinson announced, çš„t has become

    very obvious that certain South

    American SCI Official and Master

    Measurers have been intentionally

    scoring trophies incorrectly to make

    them appear on the Record Book entry

    form to be larger than they really


    To rectify the situation, SCI inactivated

    the certification of all Argentine

    measurers (Official and Master) with

    the notable exceptions of Eduardo

    Gerlero and Francisco Minieri. Also,

    no one directly associated with the

    hunting industry (outfitters, guides,

    animal brokers, taxidermists, etc.)

    will be allowed to become Master

    Measurers, at least for the near future.

    Just this past month, SCI started

    a series of measuring classes in

    Argentina, conducted by Record Book

    committee members and department

    staff to train and re-train all Official

    and Master Measurers there.

    Not all previous SCI measurers in

    Argentina would be able to renew

    their certificates, however. Atkinson

    wrote, 展ritten reprimands and

    notice of irrevocable revocation of

    their Official Measurer and Master

    Measurer certificates have been sent

    to: Francisco æ’¤aco Pizarro, Luis

    Bertone, Bernardo Feune De Colombi

    and Juan Carlos Wagner.

    Back to the Gregg controversy: Bertone

    offered Gregg a credit toward a future

    hunt in a November 2, 2011 email,

    before SCI conducted its investigation.

    Gregg responded, çš„ feel the ethics of

    this matter are more important than

    the $1,000.

    Gregg also had some problems with

    some other charges and shipping

    issues, but told The Hunting Report,

    å…¸he excessive score matter really

    bothers me the most. It is unfair,

    crooked and really lacks conscience?

    feel other hunters should be aware of

    this fraudulent practice. Here at The

    Hunting Report, we completely agree

    and will do whatever we can to help

    keep the process of trophy scoring

    open and honest. We applaud SCI for

    its swift and decisive action.

    We sent Bertone a copy of Gregg's

    complaint, inviting him to provide

    his perspective on what happened.

    At press time, we had not yet

    received a response. We will add any

    correspondence we may receive from

    Bertone after going to print to the

    file in our database and inform you

    in the following issue of The Hunting

    Report. Paid subscribers may request

    a free email copy of the entire file.

    (Send request to Ben@huntingreport.

    com.) We also encourage any Hunting

    Report subscribers who suspect their

    trophies from Argentina or any other

    destination were purposely mis-scored

    to file a report.
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    Pretty much old news, most people in SCI know South American outfitters have been inflating red stag scores. Not everyone for sure....but enough that it became a huge problem. I don't know how to score red stags but if I was hunting one, I would make sure I could measure one!
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    Doing the SCI Official Measurers course is a piece of cake and if scores are your thing why wouldn't you want to know exactly how to score your trophies and at least be able to give 'qualified advice'?
    Roger....get yourself educated dude!


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    Interesting that an entry in any book would not require a remeasuring as a matter of course.

    Fraud in the hunting industry. If I was paying by the inch I would certainly be doing the measuring.

    I know who not to book with in South America now. Thanks.
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    Soon as you've done your measurers course and quali....well anyone you like! :sarcasm:

    There's something to to old addage..."don't pay til you have the right product in your hand!" Would this be applicable in this instance?
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