Cape Buffalo Tuskless Elephant Plains game

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    12 Day Tuskless Elephant, Buffalo, Plains game safari.

    This is a great package that allows the hunter to take two of the big five as well as a long list of plains game species

    This 12 day safari takes place in the Chete or Chirisa safari areas of Zimbabwe.

    The hunt is conducted by Terry Fenn of Chinanga Safaris.

    The all inclusive price of this safari is $20,500.00

    This includes:

    Daily rates
    Trophy fees on tuskelss elephant and cape buffalo,
    Transfer fees to hunting area from airport
    Trophy handling to Bulawayo

    Not included:

    Accommodations before and after Safari
    Trophy fees on additional trophies.

    Below are is a list of fees for additional game

    Species Price US$
    Baboon 60
    Buffalo 3200
    Buffalo Cow 1500
    Bushbuck 800
    Bushpig 400
    Caracal 550
    Cheetah 3000
    Civet 400
    Crocodile 3000
    Duiker 250
    Eland Bull 1300
    Elephant bull 11000
    Elephant bull over 40lb (heaviest) 12500
    Elephant bull over 50lb (heaviest) 13000
    Elephant bull over 60lb (heaviest) 15000
    Elephant bull over 70lb (heaviest) 18000
    Elephant Non trophy/tuskless 4000
    Genet Cat 200
    Gemsbuck 3000
    Grysbuck Sharpes 300
    Hippo 3000
    Honeybadger 250
    Hyena 400
    Impala Male 270
    Impala Bait/Female 150
    Jackal 200
    Klipspringer 650
    Kudu 1200
    Leopard 3800
    Lion 20000
    Lioness 4000
    Nyala 3200
    Porcupine 200
    Reedbuck Common 800
    Sable 4000
    Serval 600
    Steenbuck 500
    Tsessebe 800
    Warthog 350
    Waterbuck 1600
    Wildcat 200
    Wildebeest Blue 800
    Zebra Burchells 900
    Game Birds 5
    Dove 1

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