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    With our 2011 African springtime being in full bloom as we speak, there ain't a better time to bring you some of our latest news, reviews and photos out of the WJVS sticks and thanks a bunch for joining us once again.

    By now you would have seen or read about the fantastic promotion 'FREE' hunt give away that WJVS is doing in conjunction with Scentblocker, Robinson Outdoor Products and Bone Collector ~ it is a unique opportunity for the winner to join 2 legendary hunters on this world class safari and who knows? It may even be you that wins!! But, you gotta enter to stand a chance of winning?? So go to Free Hunt from Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris for 2012 for more details and get yourself signed up today!! Click here.

    We are also at this time, preparing hard for our annual promotion trip that starts as early as 3rd January and ends 9th February 2012, but more about these travels in a future WJVS Bush Breaking Newsletter ~ but keep posted as we may even be in your neck of the woods where we could possibly hook up, which would be awesome!

    We have a special announcement to make...
    It is with great pleasure that we bring you the news that our clients namely Ken Barr, John Kemhadjian, both Alan
    & Barbara Sackman, also Warren, MaryAnn, Wesley & Warren Jnr Sackman, were all recently honoured by Safari Club International, for their outstanding hunting achievements in different categories. Please join us in wishing our hunters a hearty Congratulation!!

    The entire WJVS team is very proud of you and it is indeed a great privilege for WJVS to have hosted such renowned hunters in our camps on numerous African safaris... Wow! What an achievement!!!

    Keep checking our website at www.wintershoekjvs.com to view the latest Newsletter hosted.


    That is it for another Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris Bush Breaking Newsletter for the time being. You can expect another newsletter to hit the press with in the next week and then another soon after that as well... so be prepared for them!! With the next 3 Bush Breaking newsletters out soon, should pretty much bring us right up to date on all our past safaris this 2011, thus so far!!

    Be safe, shoot straight, take care and God bless!

    The WJVS team... OUT!

    Click here to check out our Newsletter #6.

    Silvio Mota
    All the way from Argentina, repeat hunter Silvio Mota was after Lion as his main animal on this safari. PH Yvan took Silvio into the Kalahari and on the second day, fresh Lion tracks were located and followed by the trackers. The hunters eventually came upon the Lion holding up in some real thick black [...] Read Full Post >

    Vladimir & Simon Malitskiy and Michael Blazhko with agent Mike Shukis
    It is always a great pleasure to welcome back to South Africa our agent from Russia, Mike Shukis. Mike was joined once again by repeat hunters Vladimir & Simon Malitskiy and Michael Blazhko also from Russia. You may recall from a WJVS newsletter last year, that Vladimir and Simon had a huge safari with us [...] Read Full Post >

    Luis De La Rubia and the Sosa family
    It was a good reunion to welcome back another of our agents from Spain Luis De La Rubia and his son Luis Jr(10) Plus, a return visit after about 5 years by the Sosa family who are also from Spain namely, Raul and his wife Sara and 2 sons Raul Jr(6) and Mario(10) These 3 [...] Read Full Post >

    Ramos Ruiz Palafox, Roberto Del Campo Ross and Luis Carlos Guerrero
    We had a second group of hunters come in from Mexico and once again we have Eduardo Gomez to thank for this hunt. Ramos Ruiz Palafox, Roberto Del Campo Ross and Luis Carlos Guerrero had the best time of their lives with PH's Liam Urry, John Tinley and Jaco Niemann. The hunting was excellent and the trophies taken were [...] Read Full Post >

    Francisco Prieto & Ezhequil Salader
    It was the turn of our Mexican hunters Francisco Prieto, Ezhequil Salader and longgg time agent Eduardo Gomez to grace our camp a few weeks back. PH Yvan Nieuwoudt showed these enthusiastic hunters a tremendous safari and some great trophies are on their way back to Mexico!! It is always great to see you Eduardo [...] Read Full Post >

    Bob Halsey
    It was great to welcome Bob Halsey and his wife Janet from Fresno California USA on their very first African safari. Bob, an experienced guide himself, had a grand time with PH John Tinley at Wag 'n Bietjie where they hunted Buffalo and plains game. Bob and Janet then moved to our 18 000 acre Thuru [...] Read Full Post >

    Dennis Anderson
    Anaheim, California USA, past Safari Club International President and veteran world wide hunter, Dennis Anderson, brought his 3 Grandson's, Eric, Joshua and Jason on their very first African Safari. It was indeed an honor for WJVS to host Dennis, who is such an experienced African hunter, in our camps. The hunting tradition has surely being [...] Read Full Post >

    Henry Sykes
    We welcomed in our camp, Pro Hunter Dean Stobbs from Zimbabwe, who brought his client Henry Sykes from Calgary Canada, to tackle our hunting areas in search of Lion as priority #1 and some plains game species as well. Our RSA based Pro Hunter John Tinley, was assigned to ssisting Dean in guiding Henry to [...] Read Full Post >

    Jaco Marais
    We were absolutely delighted to once again welcome to Wag 'n Bietjie camp, our very own, home grown, South African hunters and respected usiness man Jaco Marais from Potchestroom RSA. Jaco and his wife ynette and their children just live for their hunting. Jaco & Lynette also brought the Daly family along for the hunt [...] Read Full Post >

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