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    This is "Red Hot" off the press!! Just wanted to bring you right up to date and to show you exactly how busy we have been these last few weeks with another bumper Bush Breaking Newsletter!

    Reports coming in from the sticks about the renovations taking place at our Gamagara lodge - is that everything is on track and completion is still scheduled for end of August. This great area is going to produce some huge specimens in Gemsbok/Oryx to be taken off the area by our hunters. Soooo, if you haven't booked a hunt yet and you want to go on safari to a great area, with loads of game and with a brand new lodge, Then Gamagara is your destination - give us a shout and let's make a plan to get you booked for an unforgettable experience!

    So let's go hunting!!

    We welcomed from Russia with Love our special friend and agent Mike Shukis once again to our hunting areas here in the Northern Cape. This time round, Mike brought with him 1st time hunters Victor Abramov and his son Iliya also from Russia. Our clients were guided by the ever reliable big game Pro Hunter Yvan to a superb safari.

    Who ever thought that Rhino hunting was easy? Especially when the old bull that they were hunting knew that he was being followed!! After putting some hard miles on their boots and with some great tracking from Cephas, the hunters eventually succeeded in their quest at taking a fine Rhino after a hard and challenging hunt!

    HOWEVER!! The chips were really down when Victor wounded his Lion and during some tense moments on the follow up, the hunters luckily saw the Lion moving towards them getting ready to attack, Abramov dispatched the lion with a well placed shot. Everybody had a thrilling safari and Abramov was elated with his whole hunt. Thanks again Mike for your years of support, we look forward to seeing you again later in the season.

    Click here to check out the rest of our newsletter.

    Link to newsletter: Bush Breaking Newsletter Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safaris 4

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    Wow, some really incredible animals taken!

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