Bowhunting Crocodile

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    Bowhunting Crocodile

    My best croc to date at 14 feet 4 inches.

    I shot this croc into the shallows at 30 yards with my 82 pound elite a big expandable from a Double Bull blind we had set up at the edge of the riverbank.

    I have taken several crocs with a bow and I feel that a lung shot with normal arrows is the best way to shoot them. The fishing arrow, heavy line, and float meathod they use for gators is not needed for croc hunting.

    When you shoot a croc through the lungs they almost immediately crawl out of the water on the river bank or a sand bank to get the entrance/ exit holes out of the water so they dont drown. It might take awhile but they will die on the bank and be easily recovered.

    I do not recommend a heart shot as it kills them too quickly and they might die in deep water. A big broadhead through the lungs is the best way. The lungs extend far back in the body- in fact they almost run the entire lenght of the body cavity.

    You can shoot a croc just in front of mid- body and a bit high and it will be a solid lung hit. A hit too low might hit the heart and miss the lungs and a shot just behind the shoulder misses everything. A bowhunt for big crocodile is one of the most exciting hunts in Africa and I highly recommend it.


    Here are Crocodile bowhunting shot placement images to visualize lung shot.


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