Bolted to Death

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    I watched my new DVD "Bolted to Death" with my son on my birthday yesterday.

    I REALLY enjoyed it!:wub: So much so, we watched it two times in a row! I never do that because I feel life is too short and there is too many movies out there to watch one more than once in a blue moon.

    Since my safari rifle is a CZ in .416 Rigby I was especially interested in the action & caliber. This is the caliber that they seem to have used the most though they do use some of the other classic African calibers like the .500 Jeffery, it's little brother a .404? Jeffery, & the .375 H&H.

    I had a lot of confidence in the round before, having read Rurak's books where Harry Selby used one extensively. Now I'm sure that if I can do my part, the .416 Rigby can & will put any animal's pee-pee in the dirt.

    One part that I found fascinating was where they come across some poachers armed with AK's
    :machinegun: and exchange some fire:shooting:. IMHO though a rather frail beast the human is really the most dangerous game!
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    Hi Karamojo,

    Just ordered a copy hope to view it soon must be a great hunting video to possess


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