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    This South African trip is for 2 hunters and 2 non-hunters for 10 days.

    I won this hunt at a Ducks Unlimited Auction and we are not able to go.
    Hunt must be used this year in 2010.

    The trip is worth $8500 and we paid $3500.
    I have been talking and e-mailing with this couple for a year and they are great folks. They said hunting is good through September.

    Extra cost for this trip outside of the $3500 are:
    *airfare:we found flights between $1700 and $2300 per person
    *Transport to and from OR Tambo Airport:
    $800.00 Pick Up & Drop Off Fee (per group)
    *Taxidermy for your game:see pricelist below.

    The outfitter website is:Van Wijk Safaris for picks and info.

    The trip includes:
    All Accommodation, meals and daily laundry
    Services of a Professional Hunter
    Use of hunting vehicles, trackers, skinners & camp staff
    Hunting Licenses and Permits (EXCLUDING CITES & TOPS)
    Transport of trophies to South African Taxidermist

    The trip not include:
    Air Travel
    Transport to and from OR Tambo Airport
    Accommodation before and after the Safari
    Value Added Tax (14%), where applicable
    Hire of rifles and ammunition
    Dipping, Packing and Shipping of trophies from South
    Taxidermy Charges

    Here is the pricelist for your game:

    African Wild Cat 700.00 Ostrich 750.00
    Baboon 150.00 Redhartebeest 1250.00
    Blesbuck – Common 525.00 Reedbuck – Common 1500.00
    Blesbuck – White 700.00 Reedbuck – Mountain 800.00
    Blesbuck – Yellow 1600.00 Rhino POR
    Bontebok 2250.00 Roan POR
    Buffalo POR Sable POR
    Bushbuck 1250.00 Springbuck – Black 750.00
    Bushpig 500.00 Springbuck – Common 450.00
    Caracal Cat 1200.00 Springbuck – Copper 2000.00
    Duiker 400.00 Springbuck – Kalahari POR
    Eland 2750.00 Springbuck – White 1400.00
    Fallow Deer 750.00 Steenbok 400.00
    Gemsbuck 1400.00 Tssessebe 3000.00
    Genet Cat 350.00 Vaal Rhebuck 1700.00
    Giraffe 4000.00 Vervet Monkey 100.00
    Hippo POR Warthog 350.00
    Impala 525.00 Waterbuck 2500.00
    Jackal 150.00 Wildebeest – Black 1250.00
    Kudu 2500.00 Wildebeest – Blue 1250.00
    Lechwe – Red 3500.00 Zebra – Burchell’s 1500.00
    Lion POR Zebra – Hartman’s 3500.00
    Nyala 3500.00

    E-mail if interested.

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