Alan Sackman, Big Game Hunter

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    Alan Sackman, Big Game Hunter

    Alan Sackman was born with a gun in his hands, or close to it, Growing up on a farm in upper New York State, his career stared with a .22 rifle at the age of 8 and a 20 ga. shotgun at the age of 10. Woodchucks and rabbits at that point were not safe. Teenage years were spent trapping muskrats for their skin and a profit, which became his first business adventure, but his prep school and college years put a large crimp in the hunting schedule.

    In Sackman’s 60 years of hunting he has accomplished and enviable history, harvesting over 250 big game species. Much of the world has seen or heard his footsteps, while he has completed all of SCI’s Diamond Grand Slam awards, except the turkey slam.

    Hunting sheep and goats of the world, 51 in total with 44 different species, has also been a very special and proud accomplishment. Not only is Alan well grounded in pulling the trigger, but his knowledge of ballistics, the habitat and instincts of the animal, and the careful preparation of the animal for taxidermy have all melded him into a well rounded hunter.

    Hunters of the world share the same concern – Conservation. Sackman is certainly very much part of this group. He is co-founder of the Murelle Foundation, dedicated to preserving and studying the Mountain Nyala population, which to date has had a very positive result.

    Sackman, at every turn has been an ethical proponent and ambassador for the hunting world and extremely proud to be a small part of the Weatherby Foundation family, a lifetime achievement.

    The awarding each year of the Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award rests in the hands of a very competent Selection Committee, which studies the attributes and accomplishments of the individual nominees to determine who, in their minds, may merit this highly coveted hunting award. Careful attention was given in choosing members of this committee by the directors of Weatherby Foundation International.

    The 2008 Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award was presented to Alan Sackman by Dr. Lawrence Rudolph, last year’s recipient of the award, in the Grand Ballroom of the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno on January 20, 2009 with an attendance of over 500 guests.


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