.470 NE versus .500 NE Felt recoil

Discussion in 'Double Rifles' started by roughshooter, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I recently bought a Merkel in a 500 NE; I already owned one in 470 NE. Both fit me perfect, same length of pull. The 500 feels like it may weigh 1/2 lb less due to the bores and the same OD barrels, but I haven't weighed them. I was a 470 fan and have probably run around 600 rounds through that rifle. I got the 500 and was prepared for a huge jolt; but nothing dramatic. To be honest the felt recoil was less than the 470 to me. The thing is to try the two calibers out and see which one you like.
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    I have shot both and ended up with a 500 NE. However, I was much is a similar situation of the one Double D described above. I was looking to order a 470 NE and found a good deal on a beautiful 500 NE so I jumped on it. I do not regret it at all. When I shot both in one setting, I could tell a slight increase in recoil from the 500 vs the 470 but it was not bad. I have since shot my 500 a decent amount and it is enjoyable to shoot. I posted a short (and grainy) video of me shooting a watermelon and water jug with my 500 NE in this forum. It is dramatic display and was a lot of fun. You really can't go wrong with either.

    I too hope to take my 500 NE on a buff and/or elephant hunt sometime. I may even take it on a lion hunt this year.

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