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22/250 - Reloading

This is a discussion on 22/250 - Reloading within the Reloading forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; ...I have a Tika 22/250 it shoots fairly good. I have tried - AA2230, H335, IMR 4064, Win 748, and ...

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    Wink 22/250 - Reloading

    ...I have a Tika 22/250 it shoots fairly good. I have tried - AA2230, H335, IMR 4064, Win 748, and H414 for powders. I am using 55 Gr Rem Sp bullets, as I don't see spending a fortune for Prairie dogs as a neccessity. Most of these loads are shooting 10 shot groups at 1 1/4". some 5 shot groups go just under an inch. Any one have any ideas on a good powder or load? For the most part it's probably good enough for them.. but a reloader always tries to get better results!!
    .....I read about all these great sub 1/2 minute of angle loads & I think they are full of themselves. I always said anyone can get lucky & shoot a 3 or 5 shot group tiny as heck once... and say the gun can do it all day! 10 shot groups don't lie and it takes a damn good shooter & gun to achieve those kind of results. One little wiggle and!!!

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    Default Good Load for 22-250

    I shoot foxes in England with Hornady 50 gr V-Max bullets propelled by 36.0 gr of Vihtavuori N140 powder. The bullets come out of my Blaser rifle at 3,600fps and give a pretty effective group, usually half an inch at 100 yards.

    The range is generally less than 200 yards, more likely to be nearer 100 yards. I would only occasionally take the 300 yard plus shots that the 22-250 excels at.

    I've been thinking of changing back to a 223, because I just don't need the range, but then I end up keeping the 22-250, because...I like it.

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    Ditto on the N-140 Powder as I run this with Nosler 55 G BT's. Usually when shooting groups with these I am just having to much fun and pull the 5th. Definately a one hole powder/bullet combo.

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    I've had good luck with H380 powder (0.3 grain under max) and 53gn Sierra MatchKing hollow points (stock number 1400). At first, the load only grouped about 1 inch. When I got the headspace down to 0.002", groups tightened up to about 0.5 inches.

    Headspacing seems to be critical with this caliber. I've seen the same type of results with other bullets and powders.

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    I have used varget and H4895 with very good results. You don't see H4895 used in very many manuals but some of the old folks I used to hunt with were pioneers with the 22/250 before it was standardized. They used 35.5g of H4895 behind a 55g bullet. In some rifles I have had to back down to 35g. It might not have top velocity (3500-3550) but usually very good accuracy.

    For bullets I have had very good luck with Sierra 55g SBT or HPBT and the price is better than the new plastic tip bullets.

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    I have a load that I have used for years and shoots extemely well out of my Rem. 700 varmint 22-250.
    38 gr. H380 and 50 grain Nosler ballistic tips. This load shoots sub MOA. I have shared this recipe with others who also had success with it.

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    I have a Tikka as well , using AR 2209 - 39 grains , Hornady V max 55 gr projectiles. 3/4 inch groups @ 100 yards. Good luck they a good caliber for the small stuff , even tho have dropped 2 Red spikers with it at 85 yards.
    Simon Darling
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