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Hawk Bullets

This is a discussion on Hawk Bullets within the Reloading forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; I recently purchased a Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan in 375 Ruger. It is out to Hill Country Rifles to get a ...

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    Default Hawk Bullets

    I recently purchased a Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan in 375 Ruger. It is out to Hill Country Rifles to get a makeover before I begin shooting it. I got a great price on the rifle new and with the accurizing job will still have just about retail into the rifle. I have heard some good reports on the Hawk bullets and wondered if anybody here had any experience with them? I was thinking of using the 350 gr RN for Buff and the 250 gr FP with a soft .025 jacket for Leopard. Hunting with Touch Africa Safaris in May of 2011 and want to use this summer to get a good package together with this rifle.

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    I think I'd spend the extra bucks and get a premium buttet that has a proven track record like a Nosler or Woody. I have seen reports that Hawks don't go thru a milk jug of water. But others say they're great..

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    I wouldn't worry about the bullet; since you sent the rifle off to Hill Country they will work up a load recommendation for you that supports the accuracy work completed. You will get that data when they receive the rifle.
    Macs Burke

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    The Hawk bullet is a premium bullet. I have hit a bull Moose in the center of the chest and the 220gr out of my 300Win mag exited out the side of the left rear ham. It is enough for a buffalo out of the rifle he is using.

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    I use Hawk 300 gr round nose on a Bush pig , made a Texas Heart shot
    it went all the way and lodged in the shoulder the nicest mush room you want to have I will post a picture. It was shot at about 100 yrds running away.

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    They are fine for deer and antelope, but they are plenty soft even with the thickest jackets and I have had a lot of bullet seperations with them in the 7x57, 338 Win. and 375 H&H..I am not fond of them for animals of large size.

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