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225 grain hornady 375H&H

This is a discussion on 225 grain hornady 375H&H within the Reloading forums, part of the HUNTING EQUIPMENT, FIREARMS & AMMUNITION category; Hi this bullet can be loaded at high velocity in 375 and gives a flat trajectory. is it good for ...

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    Default 225 grain hornady 375H&H

    this bullet can be loaded at high velocity in 375 and gives a flat trajectory. is it good for using on medium games up to eland and other plain games?any one tried this bullet?

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    I think 225 grain projectile is a little light, especially for Eland. I would consider a good 270 grain loaded to around 2700 fps to be more suitable.

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    I agree ..........I would not be using a 225-235 gr .375 bullet for game the size of eland. I think you would be very disappointed and so would the eland.

    Stick to a 250 'copper' bullet as the absolute minimum......but a 270 grain bullet for conventional lead core design bullets should be considered minimum for that sort of use.

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    If I'm going to shoot bullets of that weight then I will shoot them in my 338..The 375 built its reputation on the 300 gr. bullet and that is about all I use in it, the lone exception is the GS Customs .270 gr. bullet...

    A 300 or 350 gr. Woodleigh shoots flat enough to hunt anywhere in the world with and wind won't budge them...

    The difference in a 225 gr. bullet and a .270 or 300 gr. is very little over extended ranges and so slight that one can wiggle on about as easy as one can wiggle off, so you won't be able to tell the difference in the field...Go try it and you'll see what I mean..I tried the light and heavy bullets at 400 yards and they all went in the same pattern, couldn't tell any difference at all...
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