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BC Grizzly hunting under attack again - Pro hunting petition

This is a discussion on BC Grizzly hunting under attack again - Pro hunting petition within the News forums, part of the category; The following is a link to a petition being circulated by SCI Canada. As many of you know Grizzly hunting ...

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    Default BC Grizzly hunting under attack again - Pro hunting petition

    The following is a link to a petition being circulated by SCI Canada. As many of you know Grizzly hunting has already been banned once in BC and subsequently reinstated after game counts indicated an abundance of bears. Alberta is still under a similar ban despite Bear/Human encounters on the rise.

    Please sign the petition and get your freinds as well. We could sure use any support we can get.

    Support the BC Grizzly Hunt Petition

    Thanks form all of your freinds to the north. (and worldwide of course)

    Good day everyone:

    In response to an anti-hunting petition that has over 17,000 signatures opposing the grizzly bear hunt in British Columbia, a petition in support of the BC Grizzly bear hunt has been created.

    As supporters of Safari Club International - Canada, please go to this pro-hunting on-line petition and sign it. It is important as hunter-conservationists that we take this stand and show our support to keep this hunt.

    Support the BC Grizzly Hunt Petition

    Also, please send this link on to your membership and other people or groups who will be supportive. It is important to attract as much attention as possible to this cause. Let's show that we in the outdoor community can also motivate support. Over 1000 signatures were posted in the first 36 hours of this petition! We are now at 3400+. Let's move that number up!

    Thank you for your time and dedication. Please see below some notes on the subject of grizzly hunting in BC that may come in handy for you. -Bob.

    We hunter-conservationists subscribe to the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, the most effective and proven conservation system in the world that has been responsible for modern healthy and sustainable wildlife populations across the continent including in British Columbia. The North American Model, which was developed through the cooperation of hunters, anglers, scientists and government, uses science and laws to manage and protect wildlife. Legal, ethical hunting is a key element of this model.
    Governments must not be bullied by emotional pressure from self-serving lobby groups whose long-term political agenda is the complete elimination of sport hunting.
    Hunters are passionate environmentalists who have consistently, over decades, contributed disproportionately vast sums of money and time to wildlife conservation.
    Hunting generates more than $350 million per year in economic activity in British Columbia. In addition, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation of B.C. has been able to invest over $140 million in habitat restoration and enhancement projects across the province through revenue from the sale of hunting licenses and tags.
    Sound modern science-based wildlife management must include hunting as an effective tool.

    Bob Valcov
    Director: SCI - Canada : Directeur
    Suite 200, 440 Laurier Ave. W. / Ave. Laurier O.,
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1R 7X6.
    Tel: 613-683-LYNX (5969) - Free: 877-429-HUNT (4868)
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    Thanks for the heads-up on this.
    Supported and signed.
    When I am not hunting, I am thinking about hunting....I think I'll go hunting.

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    Me too!! Me too!!
    Sorry, it was just fun.
    I did support and sign the petition as well.
    Alles van dies beste!!
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    Supported and signed!
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    Supported and signed

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    Supported, signed and posted on Facebook for all my friends to see.
    Enjoy life now -- it has an expiration date.

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    Signed and supported

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    Supported & signed, posted to Facebook and emailed to all of my hunting friends and family!

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    Signed and posted to FB as well as email, thanks for the heads up

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