Tanzania Fee Increases Released & New Director

The government of Tanzania has released their much-anticipated 2008 concession and trophy fees, which will be slightly less than what SCI heard in earlier reports.

Concession fees have increased roughly 50% and trophy fees have increased about 15% on average. For example, lion fees increased almost $5,000 while elephant fees have increased either $7,500, $12,000 or $20,000, depending on the size of the elephant taken. The full list of the new 2008 fees can be found at Tanzania Tourist Hunting Fees 2008. SCI also heard that negotiations were still on-going for the 2009 prices.

SCI has also received a communication from private sources in Tanzania that a new Wildlife Director has been named. Educated in the United States, Mr. Erasmus M. Tarimo has just taken over the Wildlife Department in Dar es Salaam.

Source: Tanzania Hunting Operators Association & Safari Club International