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Hunters fail to locate game in blocks Tanzania

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    Default Hunters fail to locate game in blocks Tanzania

    Hunters fail to locate game in blocks Tanzania
    by Bilham Kimati

    PROFESSIONAL hunters initially allocated with 21 hunting blocks are reported to have informed the government about their decision to hand back their permits due to lack of animals in their blocks.

    The situation has prompted corrective modalities in order to control the negative factors likely to have contributed to the situation.

    The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Ezekiel Maige, suspects poaching to be the underlying factor and spelt out measures to redress the situation.

    "Apart from ordinary migration of animals, poaching must have contributed to the drastic decline of the number of animals in allocated hunting blocks.

    The government will address the drawbacks in order to promote safe and sustainable professional hunting," Maige explained.

    Among other measures to be taken to stop poaching includes installation of modern communication facilities to detect the movement of poachers and hire of qualified game rangers.

    Clarifying on the voluntary handing back of 21 hunting blocks, the minister said professional hunters pay fees of nearly USD 1,000 for a day spent in hunting and animals should be available in the allotted area.

    "It becomes a serious issue if a hunter spends days in the bush without spotting the animals intended for his or her foray. In this regard, we (government) will employ all strategies to make sure that all obstructions are removed," Maige said.

    The minister also announced February 10 (this year) as the official date for opening of tenders for professional hunters applications for permits for the 2015 - 2020 period.

    The Director of Wildlife, Mr Erasmus Tarimo, said that between last July and January this year, professional hunting earned the country 25bn/-.

    The money has partly been spent on research work by the Tanzania Wildlife Corporation and to maintain the ecological balance.

    Following a resolution by the parliament in 2008 on transparency in the allocation and increase in the number of hunting blocks and the subsequent higher revenue, there were 158 blocks and the number has been increased to 190.

    The House also directed involvement of the local population in the sector and the ministry has allocated 18 hunting blocks for citizens for bushmeat after payment of a reasonable fee of 100,000/- for a single buffalo killed while tourists pay USD 1,700 for the same animal.

    Measures taken include classification of hunting blocks basing on the density and species of wildlife, the degree of human activities in the surroundings, proximity and accessibility of hunting blocks from major towns.

    In addition, advisory committees have been formed to advise the minister on the allocation of hunting blocks instead of being a single handed procedure and a similar committee has been formed to advise the Director of Wildlife on the acceptable quota for the specified period.

    According to the Wildlife Conservation (Tourist, Hunting) Regulations 2010, the director shall categorize hunting blocks in five categories in accordance with the Grade Points.

    Commenting on tenure of ownership of hunting blocks, the minister said a successful applicant retains the permit for five years and no limitation for those intending to renew their permits only if they meet the required qualifications.

    However, renewal is not an easily done accomplishment, the minister said, because the applicant has to prove his contribution to community projects and under the new regulations the minimum is USD 5,000 annually.


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    With human development in the parks and the increase of poaching. I saw this coming last year when i was there. We saw very few game animals in my 10 day safari in the selous game area, however we saw many new huts or bush homes being built throught the area.
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    Sounds like some of the blocks have already contributed more than 5000 USD per year in kind payments in meat.

    Sad reality. If the people do not see the benefit they will make their own.

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