A Call For Zambia Elephant Import Applications
(posted February 18, 2011)
You may have heard that US Fish & Wildlife has decided to allow the importation of elephant trophies from Zambia this hunting season. Technically, that is not exactly the case. US Fish & Wildlife has not yet made a positive enhancement or a non-detriment finding for the sport hunting of elephant in Zambia. What they have agreed to do is consider any 2011 elephant applications they may receive.

In documentation acquired by The Hunting Report, US Fish & Wildlife states that they have not finalized the 2011 enhancement finding for Zambia elephant, nor completed a non-detriment finding. Both are required in order for the agency to actually allow the importation of elephant trophies.

Although US Fish & Wildlife officials delivered a letter to Zambian authorities at last month's SCI convention in Reno stating they would be able to authorize the importation of any 2011 elephant applications they receive, the agency has not completed the requirements to do so because they have yet to receive import applications. US hunters who wish to hunt elephant in Zambia this season are encouraged to get their import applications in right away. For assistance, contact John J. Jackson, III, of Conservation Force at 504-837-1233 or by e-mail at jjw-no@att.net. Once the agency receives import applications, it will have to move forward with the non-detriment finding to complete the process. The sooner they have applications, the sooner they will get started.