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Changes in Botswana’s Hunting Areas – Some Good News

This is a discussion on Changes in Botswana’s Hunting Areas – Some Good News within the News forums, part of the category; Changes in Botswana’s Hunting Areas – Some Good News During the past 16 months, amidst much speculation of closure and ...

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    Default Changes in Botswana’s Hunting Areas – Some Good News

    Changes in Botswana’s Hunting Areas – Some Good News

    During the past 16 months, amidst much speculation of closure and ensuing rumours, Botswana’s safari outfitters have worked hard with their Government to incorporate some major adjustments in areas available to hunting: whilst some modifications in the commercial multi-purpose areas in the immediate proximity of the Okavango Delta were unavoidable, outfitters report that hunting in select Controlled Hunting Areas (CHA’s) will continue. Hunting community-managed multi-purpose areas, who are in joint venture partnerships, will continue for the duration of their leases – this would cover those areas operated by Calitz Hunting Safaris and African Field Sports.

    Emphasis has been given to elephant, which is the single highest species on quota to date: the 2010 quota has been released this week to outfitters, who are pleased with the results and are confident that their deliberations and close working relationship with their Government is paying off.

    Controlled hunting will continue in areas that are less condusive to photographic use – the value of hunting economies still apply in areas not suitable to photographic safaris, where hunters continue to pay for and support conservation efforts / practices to prevent wildlife areas converting to less conservation-friendly land use such as agriculture, accompanied by the resultant loss of biodiversity. In line with Botswana's Vision 2016, controlled and sustainable hunting will continue to be a major contributor to alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods in rural areas.

    Elephant hunting re-opened in Botswana in 1996, having been closed in 1982: the kick off quota in 1996 was 33 elephant, and the quota stands today at 340 – trophy tusk averages are still as good today as they were in 1996, so clients will be pleased that Botswana’s outfitters are confident that the future bodes well and the reputation that Botswana’s outfitters have acquired over these years is still admirable.

    In line with the Botswana Government’s 5-D policies (Democracy, Development, Dignity, Discipline and Delivery) outfitters are determined to maintain high standards and ethics / hunting practices, so if you are booked to hunt Botswana in the future, make sure you book with a reputable, reliable and registered outfitter – contact the Botswana Wildlife Management Association on or Debbie Peake on or Graeme Pollock on for information on registered members of the Association

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    ... I'm glad to see that the outfitters & government are making some positive strides in preserving Hunting!! Hopefully they continue making strides to get more hunting areas opened so poaching doesn't take place! Hopefully they will allow some hunting in the remote areas of preserves like the Okavango Delta so nature stays balanced & poaching is kept to a minimum! With the size of these preserves there is no way the photo tours will ever cover 10 % of the area so its a shame they can't allow hunting & make some money off some of the best trophies in Africa!!

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