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Namibia Canned Hunting Shoots Back Into The Limelight

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    Default Namibia Canned Hunting Shoots Back Into The Limelight

    Namibia Canned Hunting Shoots Back Into The Limelight

    THE Namibian Professional Hunting Association (Napha) has appealed to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) to suspend the issuing of leopard and cheetah trophy-hunting permits for 2010.

    Napha, which encourages hunting in an ethical and sustainable manner, has also requested a temporary suspension on hunting leopards with hounds.

    Hunting leopards, but not cheetahs, with hounds is still legal in Namibia, but is frowned upon by most professional hunters, who feel it detracts from the "fairness" of the hunt.

    "Increasing reports of alleged unscrupulous, unethical and illegal hunting practices, often involving unregistered and unqualified people posing as professional hunters, have led our executive committee to the opinion that urgent action is required to secure the future of the Namibian trophy-hunting industry, as well as the reputation of Namibia as a destination for fair chase and ethical trophy hunting," Napha said in a statement.

    Professional hunters to whom The Namibian spoke strongly feel that serious steps are needed to clean up the industry. One hunter, who wished to remain anonymous, felt the call to stop issuing 2010 hunting permits was a reflection of the seriousness of the situation.

    "We actually voted for closing down a lucrative segment of our trophy-hunting industry, in spite of the fact that some of our most respected and ethical members have hunts booked for next year for these predators," he said.

    Trophy hunting is one of the tourism industry's biggest contributors to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The most recent data, from 2005, indicated that trophy hunting contributed N$316 million a year to the GDP.

    As rumours of unqualified hunters and canned hunts - an illegal hunting practice in which the animals are trapped to make the kill easier - flood the industry, hunters are now asking what the Ministry of Environment and Tourism's position is.

    Those caught posing as hunting professionals face punishment in the form of confiscation of the illegally hunted animals, and a possible fine, but some Napha members believe that many lawbreakers are slipping through the nets of Namibian law enforcers.

    "In my personal opinion, the efficiency of the Ministry is questionable. They just don't have the manpower to follow up on everything," said a Napha member.

    "We are sick and tired of tolerating the abuses that have been going on. We are trying to ensure that a hunting industry exists for future generations," another Napha member told The Namibian.


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    I still consider myself a novice on the topic, but it would appear that this is a positive move for everyone who promotes ethical hunting.

    Am I reading the situation correctly?

    - browningbbr

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    ,,,,I think it is a positive move by the Namibian government. Not that I'm for more government , but these people see a major problem & I applaude them for attempting to nip it in the butt before things get completely out of control! It definitely will hurt their money (GDP) for the next year but if done correctly it will only make things better!
    ,,,,A year of no hunting should make for more trophies & bigger ones at that!!

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    Of course this isn't the Namibian Gov doing anything, it's the professional hunting association recommending action .... according to friends in Namibia, action on the recommendation is uncertain. The ban will also be problematic on ranch land where numerous leopards are taken by sportsmen. Operators guiding on these ranches have deals where they set up on leopard killed cattle. Everyone benefits - including the cats. Without sport hunting, those same farmers will start lacing kills with poison again with predictable effects on every predator in the area. Tough problem.

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    As a matter of interest, and in addition to the comments regarding hunting in Namibia - herewith an excerpt from a media press release by MET in Namibia for the 2009 hunting season.

    There are prescribed limitations regarding the number of huntable game animals that may be hunted by a single hunter on a commercial farm or farms which is/are enclosed with an adequate fence during a hunting season as follows:

    - a total of three (3) large game animals; or
    - a total of two (2) large game and four (4) small game animals; or
    - a total of one (1) large game and eight (8) small game animals; or
    - a total of twelve (12) small game animals.
    No person shall hunt more than one (1) kudu during the hunting

    The restrictions regarding the kudu was quite interesting to me. However, as I normally only hunt 1 x Kudu and 1 x Oryx for myself (home use) anually - the restriction have my blessing.

    Hunt Rgds


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    Default Meat Hunting vs Trophy Hunting

    These restrictions are only on the local meat hunting season and have nothing to do with trophy hunting. The huntable game species are Kudu, Gemsbuck, Warthog, Springbuck and this year Red hartebeest was also included.

    On trophy hunting you can hunt two of any species that your PH can guide you in in a specific area, with the exception of Kudu were you are only allowed one. This is because of the great losses of Kudu due to rabies the past two years. Wounded and loss animals are considerd shot.
    Andries Smit
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    You're right Andries, these rules do not apply to trophy hunting, thank you for the clarification.

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