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The Artistry of Wildlife

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    1. Bobpuckett
      Hey guy no problem and don't get me wrong I've got nothing against keeping our money here in the US but being a working man I have to get what I can afford and most of the Taxidermy work is out of my reach now thats not to say that I don't get any taxidermy work done here because I do in fact I have my wifes first Black Bear being done in a full body mount right here at home the sad part is the cost and being a taxidermist you know about that, they've had it for over a year from the tannery the green tan is still in the freezer they havn't even started on it yet But I've seen his work and he's damn good takes first and second place in the masters catagory all the time so I'll wait. I did have my one and only Bison that I ever got done by a taxidermist in Colorado where I got it, waited a year and he delivered just as promised the sad part was it was the worst job I ever paid to have done and could have done it better myself and wish I had but another lesson learnd. Now for the shipping if you read through some of my other post you will find where I have posted it several time but just to let you know the Taxidermy work was $4300 including Documents for a floor pedistal mount for a Kudu and Gemsbok a wall pedistal mount for an Impala shoulder mounts with different head turns on Mountain Reedbuck, Springbuck,Blue Wildebeest.Black Wildebeest and Blesbok and tusk mounted on a plaque for my Warthog shipping was $2100 and customs port fees were $140 and I picked them up myself, all that and there on my wall in 6 months. Now I know you guys have a hard time to compete with the high cost of living we have here in the states and you have to feed your family as well, but look at it my way with the little money saved I can feed my family as well. I won't tell a guy or gal not to bring there trophies home to get them mounted if thats what they wish but I won't tell them not to get it done in Africa as well. My North American trophies stay in North America I don't ship them to Africa to have them mounted either. No Hard Feelings Bob ps I will check you out as well what kind of time frame do you have for turn around? Send me a price list of your services you can email me at Thanks Again Bob
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      My group
      Nice Safari's, Looks like a great time... Your hunt report took me back to my lion hunt Thanks