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    1. Doubledave
      You did a fine job on the buffalo Edward.. I would be interested to know the ballistics on your 45-70. I was shooting a 385 gr. solid brass bullet at 1840 fps. in the 500. I was 66 at the time.
      1. edward
        doubledave,the ammo was factory from cor-bon.it is a hot load.with the thin grips on the contender it is the most felt recoil i have. ive since put the pachmyer grips on but havent shot it yet.my wife and i are handgun hunters only.do to s.a.express air lines refusing to transport handguns on our last hunt in 2014 i had to use my double rifle.i missed my handguns.things are changing.
        May 17, 2015
      2. edward
        dave,went on cor-bons site and they say the ammo i used was 1600 fps,with 2300 flbs.this is the new stuff.im thinking what i had was a little hotter, at 1800 fps.i keep my ammo in metal locked boxes to comply with flight rules and have thrown away all the factory boxes.sorry.
        May 17, 2015
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    43 lb bull elephant
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