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    1. Frederik
      Hi Andries,

      Ja asb, stuur vir my 'n pryslys asb. en ook pryse vir verblyf en wat jy alles aanbied.

    2. browningbbr

      If you were in La Crosse before 1996, I hope that you visited the Heileman brewery! When I was in college (1970's), we would go to La Crosse for Oktoberfest every year. Heilemann brewed special beer for the celebration.

      I grew up 125 miles south of there in Dubuque, Iowa.

      Bob Gielissen (browningbbr)
    3. Quinn Kloppers
      Quinn Kloppers
      That sounds good...send me a price list and the location of the farm. We may be able to send some guys to you.
    4. jenn
      I'm from Reitz.It happend on a farm here in the disdrict,wants too take a shortcut after a party on the neighbours farm.
    5. monish
      Hi! Andries

      Kermit did not kill the elephants it was T.R. who on November 15, 1909, killed three elephants and Kermit killed one of their calves.It had not been intended or desired to kill more than two of the cows, but with a herd of angry elephants threatening to annihilate an attacking party, sometimes the prearranged plans do not work out according to specifications. and eventually one calf was shot to stop the charging herd.....

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    Western Cape
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    South Africa
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    • Hunter
    • Fisherman
    • PH / guide
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    I live in Africa!
    Nam, Zim, Mos, Oz and RSA
    Species I have hunted in Africa:
    Blue Duiker, Red Duiker, Southern Bush Duiker, Klipspringer, Damara Dik Dik, Oribi, Cape Grysbuck, Steenbuck, Vaal Rhebuck, Mountain Rheedbuck, Common Reedbuck, White Black Copper and Comman Springbuck, Impala, White and Common Blesbuck, Bontebok, Fellow Deer, Limpopo and East Cape Bushbuck, Blackwildebees, Barbary Sheep, Bluewildebees, Burchell and Hartman Zebra, Njala, Redhartebees, Common Lechwe, Oryx, Waterbuck, East Cape and Southern Greater Kudu, Sable, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, Hippo, Bushpig, Worthog, Cheetah, Caracal, Southern Grey Kangoroo and lots of ducks.
    My best African Trophy:
    Kudu- 59 1/4inch
    My favorite African trophies:
    Buffalo, Vaalrhebuck
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    300Win Mag, 416 Rigby and my 12g O/U Beretta
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    • Rifle
    • Shotgun
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    Leica Geovid rangefinder bino's
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    My Bino's
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    Success I think is where experience, preparation, commitment and luck meets up
    My other interests:
    Winemaking and Spearfishing
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