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    Hunted Namibia .South Africa .Mozambique

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    Hi all
    Like a few of you I received an Email, was curious, and joined. This is the only site I have felt worthy of even posting anything on to...........Bravo jerome and congratulations !!!!
    This would have to rate as the best site on Africa that I have come across, bar none.
    As a bit of background I have been involved in torrid love affair with my girlfriend "AFRICA" for twenty plus years, Hunting, exploring, and drinking as much of their beer as possible.......I love her,although at times she treats me like a dog, I keep going back for more.
    I have spent the past 30 yrs as a pro commercial photographer, having recently sold my business interests I am spending more time on the Dark Continent as a Wildlife photographer, I am also the current president of the
    Big Game Rifle Club of N.S.W (Here in Australia) I own and operate Back to Africa Safaris and Back to Africa Firearms (we specialise in English Single and Double Rifles) and create handmade knives under my banner of Holloway Custom Knives..........And I do all these things just to make sure I keep my girlfriend happy. She keeps me in poverty and she keeps me humble with her beauty.
    One of these days I should make her my wife,till then the romance continues !!!!!
    So thats me in nutshell !!!!!!!!!! and I look forward to posting and communicating with similair thinking people
    till then
    cheers to all

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    Mate, I don't know how to say it gently but your girlfriend Africa well she gets around with other gents. I have only been courting her for 2 yrs. and 1 trip. The second trip is planned for this year. The third and fourth for 3 yrs. hence. and so on and on.

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    Africa and I are married and live together... but we have an open relationship and are always open to adventure and a good safari. She is a wonderful woman, but not without her flaws - but thats what i love most about her - she is real! Karibu Africa!
    Ryan Shallom (CEO)
    Tanzania, East-Africa.

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