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    Default PH Information

    Hello from North Carolina,

    I am a 20 year old country boy who has grown up hunting whitetails, bears, ducks, and fishing nets. I have a pack of walkers, which I breed and raise to run deer. I currently am a junior at a college in Virginia (hope to attend med school). I am physically in about the best shape of my life, Lb for Lb I am almost as strong as the strongest. I grew up hearing hunting stories from my Godfather about Africa (father passed away at a young age). He once told me when I was younger that I should take a little time and become Africa a PH, my reply at the time was "why, for women?" He told me get a few years under you and you will understand.

    I finally understand what he means and want the opportunity to become a PH. Is it something I can take up at 21 in the summers while college is out? I understand times are tough, I would work for my room and board in the summers. I am not big on South Africa, but that seems to be where the majority of the schools are focused. Can anyone get me the information and give me tips to fulfill my dream.



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    Welcome to AH rhromm.
    Here is a link to a list of PH schools has put together.
    Hopefully it may be of some help to you.
    Hunting - Professional Hunting Schools, Professional Hunter Schools, PH School Hunting Africa
    Best wishes for your continuing education.

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    I am sorry, but that contains the same information I have been viewing. I would rather not be a PH in South Africia due to the numbers of pens and seemingly joking hunting community towards SA PH's. I for the life of me can not find any schools over the computer related to Botswana or Tanzania. I have a belief that one can not be a PH in ten-twelve days. If push comes to shove I would glady be a PH in SA, but would like to venture elsewhere over the course of my career.

    I see no information on prices for these programs. I was figuring $6000 with airlines, travel, and schooling. Do any of the schools offer garuanteed jobs? Several American Outfitter schools offer garaunteed jobs, which would be a blessing, because I hate to spend the money and never get a position as a PH.

    Maybe a PH will come along and give me some advice, I spoke with several at local gun shows. They however wanted to promote their outfitting services more than my dream.

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    You check on for MWEKA college in Tanzania or with Ian Goss Hunting school in RSA .


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    HI Rhromm

    I was reading your introduction, your rasie walkers to hunt deer . here in ontario i have pack of deer dogs as well beagles and a cur . we use the walkers to hunt coyoetes in the winter time !
    good luck with the P H job hunting.

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    Once a houndsmen always a houndsmen. I have six running walkers/foxwalkers/ what have you. I have seen an outfitter out that way that hunts islands and such with hounds. You understand the true love for hounds and what it means to be a houndsmen from the sounds of your pack. I would give a months pay to go on a coyote hunt with hounds. I have seen several videos of this style of hunting and would give anything to attempt it. North Carolina was once a dog state, with more dog food sold east of US 17 than anywhere else in the country.

    I have emailed a few African outfitters asking for any advice and help. I wish I had a connection or someone to show me the ropes, because I feel like I could succeed in the Proffessional hunting industry. Little information is available to me over the internet. However, today I read about leopard hunting with dogs. That is my dream summer job to join the ranks of several noted houndsmen in Zimbobwe.

    I checked out MWEKA and that does not appear to be what I need.

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    I am not a PH, but from what I know is that some courses are shorter while others will take some time to complete depending what type of PH course you are taking, like plains game only, or Big 5 or bow hunting etc. The PH course in Namibia is quiet stringent. Also remember that these courses are designed to train PHs and not to offer jobs afterwards. They may give you some contacts.

    You must also take visas into account, which may include student visa, work visa etc. In many countries work visas are difficult to obtain.

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