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    Default Angola

    Interested in finding out all info about safari hunting in this country which shows much promise, if the example of Mozambique will be followed.

    Chinese influence is an issue of concern, given the dismal environmental/game protection record they show at home.

    Landmines an issue? Locals don't really tell me so, but maybe because they're urban residents.

    For sure malaria, typhus and syphilis are rampant. And mosquitoes, zero sewers, bad water, garbage, traffic...

    If any of you guys has better info it's welcome.

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    Corto, You might check with CrissCross Namibia Safaris here on the forum as Thinus takes touring groups into southern Angola. Maybe he can give you some insight into the status of the country. I've heard the game is incredible there in certain areas.

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    I worked for 3 months in Luanda last year...

    From what I have seen outside the city its a beautiful country.

    But hunting there...

    From what I have experienced flying into the city and working and living there..

    I honestly dont think I would,

    Maybe things are better down in the southern part of the country. But the most fighting was done in the south and south eastern part of the country...

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    Default HI

    Hello all,

    Well said Gerhard,

    I agree. From what i heard from some close friends that did business in Angola the war destroyed a lot of the vegetation and wildlife. Apparently the one guy said " he didn't even see a mouse or rat there "..... Maybe there is a small part left but i too wouldn't focus on it.


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    Overall I think the situation is pretty much as you described it. I just heard about a scientific study that wanted to determine how many lions and other wildlife are still present in eastern or south-eastern Angola but the survey was cancelled because of the insurmountable logistic obstacles. However, there may still be some wildlife in certain isolated areas.

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    Corto Maltese.....welcome to AH. As for Angola, try contacting Roger Whittal Safaris. They are in the process of opening up a concession in Angola and have been in there looking around. They are supposedly conducting some exploratory hunts there and can probably give you the best info you will find at this point.

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    Wecome to our community Corto Maltese. For information on Angola, there is a great thread here on Angola, click here.

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