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Hello from Idaho

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    Default Hello from Idaho

    Hi. It's great to find your site here. I'm the administrator of an unrelated forum. These places are such great resources.

    I'm considering a hunting trip to Africa sometime in 2011. The first trip will probably be only for plains game. My eventual goal is a buff hunt in Tanzania.

    For this first trip I'm hoping to arrange something fun for my father as well. He's in his early 60's and remarkably acitve. He introduced me to hunting and it's been solidly in my blood ever since. He's always dreamed of a trip to Africa and this would be a great adventure for the two of us.

    I really haven't moved past the planning stages yet. I'm principally looking for advice about which country/region would be best for a first trip. I've spent several years living in France and a trip to the French speaking regions would be a bonus. I also prefer to hunt in a more wild, open setting as opposed to fancy lodges and small fenced estates.

    Must have species for the first hunt would be greater kudu and impala with oryx, eland, and sable being interesting as well. I just can't get images of those spiral kudu horns out of my head!

    More later..............

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    Welcome to AH..........everyone loves those spiral horns. With kudu a must and with your preference being a more wild and open setting vs. estates, it would be hard to beat Namibia. How's your German?

    Zimbabwe and Mozambique are options as well and while there are some good rates to be had in Zim. these days, Mozambique is on average quite a bit more expensive than Namibia or RSA.

    Have fun researching your first African hunt.

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    Hunted Africa...are there other continents to hunt?


    Welcome to the forum! There are plenty of great resources on this website and forum. You will find what you are looking for.

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    Default 1,000th member

    Welcome to AH BryceM! Congratulations you are 1,000th member... sorry no check! but I am very happy to welcome you as I have been waiting for this moment to arrive...

    I agree with Skyline, he summarized it very nicely, I also appreciate the fact that you are considering countries in Central Africa such as C.A.R., Cameroon or Benin... countries which are often not considered by first time hunters here in the US but have so much to offer.

    If you have not found the Hunting Information by Country page, you can click here and read about the major hunting destinations in Africa for a good idea as to what the different countries have to offer.

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    If you enjoy this site then tell fellow hunters about it!

    Our community is a place for seasoned African hunters and those who dream of someday hunting in Africa. I hope that you will find a great place to spend time preparing for or dreaming about your future African hunting safari or reliving your last.

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    My preference is also for the more tradition camps in wide open spaces as opposed to a fancy lodge setting. I can assure you that there are many such places in various African countries that will fit the bill for you.

    I think itís great that you also want to have your dad along. Being that your dad and I are of the same age (still real young) I can assure you that heíll have a great time too.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! It's great to be the 1000th member, but don't you at least get a new .416 double for that?

    I really think Tanzania, Mozambique, or C.D.R. would be great for a second hunt, especially for buff and/or eland. For the time being it sounds like a larger wide-open region in Namibia might be better & maybe cheaper (?). I really don't have any interest in hunting where I can see fences in three directions at any given time.

    Hmmmm. Lots to think about.

    I need to get some loads worked up for my favorite rifle. I'll start a thread in a more appropriate location for advice in that department.

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