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Lion Charge

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    Default Lion Charge

    Lion Charge

    Jerome Philippe, Founder of
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    That looks like caned lion hunting ( not good) i can tell its not in the wild cause of the species of trees in the movie ......

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    Did someone throw a rock to agitate the lion and initiate a charge???????? Correct me if i am wrong, but that is what i am seeing and it raises a lot of questions about the footage.
    Ryan Shallom (CEO)
    Tanzania, East-Africa.

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    Ryan i think you are right...I also see something flying at the lion just before it gets up to charge, and the facial expression on the lion also indicates that it was hit or agitated by something. Owen this is for sure a canned lion hunt.
    Oliver Wettstein

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    This was unfortuantely a canned hunt no two ways about it.
    Frederik Cocquyt, Outfitter and Professional Hunter
    Cell: +27 83 709 8927

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    Hahaha!!! these guys are such a bunch off amateurs. they think they experienced a great lion hunt.1 That lion was used to seeing humans. 2. the environment is not correct as stated by previous posts.3. they had to provoke her. Point no 3 tells me a lot. it tells me that they wanted a charge for a dvd movie. it tells me that the lion was in a camp where there is only that 1 lion. when hunting lion you don't wait for a charge you shoot and get it over with. and where there is a lion in the wild you always look out for the ones you don't see. because a lioness is never alone unless she is dying or she has cubs. these guys were not worried at all that there might be other lions around. in my book this was not a lion hunt. and i would not show my face on a clip where i did that. i am all for hunting but this was not hunting.

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    I've never hunted lion, nor even seen one in the wild. I can ,however, tell you for a fact that standing there waiting to shoot the cat like a live clay pigeon is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
    It is a shame these guys didn't end up like the tourist in the last video, as they deserved it just as much.

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