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African Dangerous Game Cartridges - Pierre van der Walt

This is a discussion on African Dangerous Game Cartridges - Pierre van der Walt within the Hunting TV Shows, Books & Video Discussions forums, part of the GENERAL category; This book is truly a masterpiece of epic proportions. See here: Pathfinder Book Publishers - African Dangerous Game Cartriges - ...

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    Default African Dangerous Game Cartridges - Pierre van der Walt

    This book is truly a masterpiece of epic proportions.

    See here: Pathfinder Book Publishers - African Dangerous Game Cartriges - Special Edition

    and here:

    I have read it from cover to cover. It is a must have for every enthusiast.

    African Dangerous Game Cartridges by Pierre van der Walt
    Foreword by Richard Harland

    African Dangerous Game Cartridges was written to cover the proliferation of dangerous game cartridges that started about a century ago and has lasted into the second millennium. It is destined to become the book that will in future be quoted around campfires to settle arguments.

    Its focus is narrow: dangerous game cartridges, rifles, and the necessary accessories. While some may consider this too narrow a focus, the depth of detail makes it extremely valuable. It covers every sporting caliber from 9.3x62 to a .600 Nitro Express, for a total of 48 cartridges altogether. Written by a leading African professional, this book sets a standard for the genre, and in these 480 pages you will find a depth of knowledge and information that can be found nowhere else.

    In addition to the above, it contains essential information regarding rifles (bolt actions, doubles, and single shots), optics, cartridges, recoil management, and handloading. Any hunter who carries a big-bore rifle will be glad he bought a copy. It is superbly illustrated with almost 500 photographs, drawings, and tables, all of which are in color.

    The author has his own opinions and does not shy away from controversy. For example, he rejects old beliefs about sectional density and proposes a new philosophy. Around campfires throughout the world discussions and arguments on the relative merits and demerits of different sporting cartridges have raged for over a century. This informative book will be invaluable in helping you make a decision as to which cartridge you want to chamber in your next dangerous big-game rifle or what side to take in a philosophical debate.
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    Thanks for the up date...i was looking at purchasing this book...
    James Grage - New Mexico
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    lots of relevant info for the ongoing debate..

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