Wanted to share with everyone a wonderful DVD from Ivan Carter...


The Dark Continent of Africa... a vast land of adventure that beckons to the very soul of the hunter...

Join professional hunter and television personality Ivan Carter as he take you across Africa... from the highlands of the Eastern Cape of South Africa... to the heat of the Zambezi Valley... through the vast plains of Tanzania and up into the cloud forest of Ethiopia. Follow along with Ivan and the award winning Safari Classics camera crews as they capture the true essence of African hunting adventure.

Ivan Carter is not only one of Africa's most recognizable professional hunters, but his hunting, photography, and extensive filming and conservation work have allowed him lifetime of travel to Africa's finest sporting locations. ACROSS THE DARK CONTINENT WITH IVAN CARTER allows the viewer to see the adventure through the eyes of a true "son of Africa" This epic journey promises to be one of the most exciting safari films ever produced.

This film features 17 hunter/conservationist in pursuit of the Dark Continents greatest trophies including elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, mountain nyala, crocodile and premier plains game species. ACROSS THE DARK CONTINENT WITH IVAN CARTER is a "must see" for any serious African enthusiast.

Approximate Run Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

For more information visit Safari Classics Productions at www.safariclassics.net