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This is a discussion on MOZAMBIQUE: SAFRIQUE RED ALERT within the Hunting Reports & Reviews forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; If you are going to Africa to hunt with Safrique or if you have hunted with them in the past ...

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    If you are going to Africa to hunt with Safrique or if you have hunted with them in the past please contact me.

    Watch this space for further information over the coming days & weeks.

    George O Malley

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    Well that is an ominous warning.
    We await the details!!!
    Practice whispering before you leave for Africa!
    A Legend in my own mind!

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    Four of us went with Safrique to hunt in Mozambique - What should have been the holiday of a lifetime turned out to be a complete disaster. Safrique recognised this and promised to refund one of our members all his money; my brother and I our trophy fee along with half our daily rate and the last member his trophy fee. To date, we here in Ireland have received No refunds despite all the promises. We could not put all our correspondance with Safrique up on the blog in one article but intend to post everything over the coming weeks and months. Perhaps we can save some other hunter from walking into the same trap. We will post some photos in the near future of our accommodation - they make interesting viewing. We advise against using the showers or tap water in the W.C......Watch for regular updates!

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    After reading all these various experiences with Safrique this last year, I have to put my experience in the mix. I hunted with Safrique in late October early November of this year. I have hunted for fifty years over the entire US, Centeral America and Africa. So I am not new to this game. I was originally supposed to hunt another area but my PH had problems with the concession. He contacted Nick and set me up with Safrique on a last minute basis. I had booked an 18 day lion hunt. Paul Davis the PH in Safrique's L1 concession in the Niassa Reserve consented to take me on at the last minute. Dalio met me at the airport and took me to a great hotel where I spent the night and was there again bright and early in the morning to get me on the plane to Lichinga. After arriving in Licninga and spending the night, I was driven from Lichinga to the Camp in Niassa Reserve. It is a long ride but you get to see a lot of Mozambique.

    I met the PH Paul Davies in the Camp. I found the camp to be excellent. It is on top of a mountain with a georgeous view of the sorrounding Niassa Reserve. The bungalos are natural rock and thatch. The bungalo was comfortable with full bathroom; sink, toilet, shower and hot/cold water. two beds to a bungalo with netting. The food was fine. Mostly game. The compound has about three hunter bungalos, one PH bungalo, kitchen, and seperate Dinning Room/Main Lodge. There is a water tower that supplies water to everyone and a large diesel genarator for power. There is another compound at the bottom of the hill that has the skining sheds and living quarters for the staff, skinners and trackers. Several miles away is another compound that houses the anti-poaching patrols (about twelve men with 12ga shotguns). They are very serious about anti-poaching in this concession

    Paul turned out to be one of if the best PH's I have ever hunted with (if not the best). He is not only a great guide and PH, he is a true conservationists with a love of the flora and fauna of his concession. He is very selective about the animals harvested and I really appreciated that. Although I did not take a lion, we saw tracks of at least three different small prides . I was able to take a great old Dagga Boy (12yrs old) a monster warthog and plains game. So, we had plenty of bait to hang. I saw a wide variety of animals. Practically everything on their list. We could have taken at least two additional Buffalo if I had wanted. There were no great herds but small groups of Dagga boys. We saw game every day but not in great abundance. It is not the Serengeti and you have to work for your animals. However, all except my zebra were old mature animals. The Zebra was for a rug so I wanted it unmarked as much as possible. I plan to return again next year for leopard.

    I understand there were problems in the other two concessions of Safrique; Mahimba and Majune, but I did not hunt there and cannot speak from experience. I can say I would not be afraid to recommend to anyone concession L1 and PH Paul Davies. All my trophies were treated properly and I understand Paul is transporting them to Chimoio for processing and shipping in a couple of weeks. I for one cannot wait to go back next year. I can only say I am sorry if other's experienced a different hunt. But it seems to me, rather than blame the entire Safari Company, that there was a difference in they way the concessions were run.

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