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TANZANIA: Second Tanzania hunt with Laszlo from Hungary

This is a discussion on TANZANIA: Second Tanzania hunt with Laszlo from Hungary within the Hunting Reports & Reviews forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; This is the second time we hunt in Selous with Laszlo. On his previous safari he shot a lion and ...

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    Default TANZANIA: Second Tanzania hunt with Laszlo from Hungary

    This is the second time we hunt in Selous with Laszlo. On his previous safari he shot a lion and a leopard, so his main goal is an elephant and everyhting nice, just because he loves hunting !!!!! and of course if we can 3 buffaloes but only with his 470 double open sight.
    On the first afternoon he shot a waterbuck and we hung some baits for leopard where I know a good track.
    The next 6 days were devoted on elephant. We walked and tracked ''TEMBO'' in sandy river, hilly area, thicket, the days were long and tiring but it was not boring at all, we enjoyed the physical effort and we saw some bulls, too young or very old with short tusks, nothing good to shoot at. On day 6 we found a good fresh track (43 cm) at 12 o'clock...... after 1h45 of a great tracking, here it is, front side!! little bit nervous, like he knew we were close. We stood still for a while and when he relaxed we walked closer behind a big tree. At 40 m Laszlo raised his 470, off hand and fired but missed the brain..... the second instant shot dropped him for good. Respectfully we walked toward the dead giant without a word, but happy.

    Even if the Elephant track is good and after many hours of tracking the Elephant is not necessarily good to shoot, so we take this moment to enjoy the animal, we have him a little to ourselves but we have to start all over, walk, walk, that's what hunting Elephant is all about...

    Elephant track

    And it is happiness, the Elephant is on the ground, we look at him realizing what just happened, we touch the ivory again and again and again...

    Skinning the Elephant... a big job

    Return to camp with the trophy...

    The next day we went to check the leopard bait !! we were late and of course the clean bones were swaying below the branch !!!! So we hung some more meat. Two days later we sat and waited for him but Laszlo shot way over the spotted cat, too easy and a bit of loss of concentration. Not a big deal, we come back. On the way to our missed leopard I decided to cut all the other baits. We had a hit on one and the track is quite good. While we were looking at his way coming and going one of the tracker found a fresh kill from the previous night at about 30 m from the bait..... lucky boys !!!! quickly we set up the blind and we sat by 5h30. About 15 mn later we could hear the cat walking up and down the deep dry river below the tree bait. Just before dark he was on the branch.... this time the 300 grs bullet from the 375 HH Blazer went right through both shoulders. The first leopard never came back....

    A good Leopard over 7 feet

    On the way we had fun !!!! Laszlo shot the 3 buffaloes with his 470, two dugga boys and one in a herd of about 80 animals.
    The real loner... Buffalo taken with a 470 double rifle

    Buffalo shot at 20 meter in a herd...

    Buffalo shot in a group of 3 males...

    The old Buffaloes that we cherish, clever, cunning and evil...

    Still young but already really wide, about 44 inches, we left him watching...

    If you look in front of the third Buffalo from the right you can see a black mass in the grass, it is the male that we just shot at 20 meters.

    He also shot a good hippo in the thicket at 12 meter....
    At midday, the Hippos often lie in the Bakos bordering the rivers, it's the time I like to hunt them, they sleep deeply and we can approach them very closely to identify them and ensure a good shot. It's a slow walk as they are not easy to see, hidden in the bushes they can start up at very close range and of course charge because on earth they do not like being disturbed. The problem becomes quite serious when one meets a herd... Sometimes you end up in the trees!!!!! but that's sport and it's a lot of fun... This one was taken at 12 meter with a 470 when he had spotted us and was watching us as I do not like...

    And some plains game ....
    Nyasaland Wildebeest

    5 inch Bush Duiker hunted


    Very old East African Eland

    Lichtenstein Hartebeest

    Big 55 inch East African Kudu from Selous

    12 inch Warthog

    Impala for Leopard bait


    And we saw some lions, too young....
    Promising young Lions laying down in the dry Mbaragandu river bed, Selous, Tanzania.

    Promising young Lion.

    Early morning encounter with Lion...

    Our next hunt will be again the the Selous in 2013, for elephant and everything nice, of course......

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    Fantastic photos. Thanks Christophe.

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    Thanks for sharing some great pictures. A very fruitful hunt.

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    very nice like always christophe. If only I has the cash.....maybe in my next life.. :-) But always nice reading.!


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    nothing shy of brillant christophe
    great hunting area
    great animals well done
    thanks mate

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    Congratuations, its a dream for almost every hunter to hunt Tanzania. This seemed to be that dream come through again for Laszlo. If only the lotto numbers gives me that pleasure
    Hunted Norway and South Africa, so many places left:)

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