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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Australian hunter... big fun and successful!!!

This is a discussion on CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Australian hunter... big fun and successful!!! within the Hunting Reports & Reviews forums, part of the HUNT AFRICA category; John and Margaret came over mid of March. They flew from Sydney to Bankok, to Nairobi to Bangui to the ...

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    Default CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Australian hunter... big fun and successful!!!

    John and Margaret came over mid of March. They flew from Sydney to Bankok, to Nairobi to Bangui to the hunting area, 37 hours...... long way. The main animals for John are Lord Derby Eland and Lion but deep in his mind and for 30 years he is dreaming about Bongo. When I met him by the airstrip he asked me if one is available, yes I said. Let's start by the Bongo as the moon is still ok and even if march is not the best time. The next day we drive to the bongo camp 5h drive. Unfortunately I got malaria on the way, he had to drive me to the camp. I was bad but he went to the machan with the trackers. When he came back the morning he was very excited because he saw 30 Bongos but he could'nt take a shot. I was a bit better and we went together for the next 5 nights without seeing a single bongo!!!! So we decided to move and try later if we have enough time left. John shot a nice Eland quickly, we set up bait for lion where we saw some fresh tracks and before dark we called. 15 mn later 2 lions, male and female came 20 m away on our back!!!! By the time we saw them they ran off and we could'nt take a shot. Anyway to make a long stry short, we moved to another camp, set up more bait and call again. One leopard hit one bait and John decide to try, good for him, at 7 pm he was in the back of the truck.... and the next day, 20 hours later the lion was at the same place, unbelievable.
    John shot 14 animals during his trip, he was very very happy but I am sure something is missing and I am sure he will come back for his bongo...

    48 inch Lord Derby Eland


    Red River Hog

    4 inch Oribi

    26.5 inch Sing Sing Waterbuck

    Blue Duiker


    Lord Derby Eland



    Leopard bait!




    Lord Derby Eland

    Mahamat and the Lion

    Nice Red Flanked Duiker

    Red River Hog

    Red Flanked Duiker

    The oldest bushbuck I have ever seen!

    Unusual horn shaped Buffalo

    River bed

    Salt Lick where Leopard was taken!

    Salt lick

    Red River Hog

    Giant Forest Hog family

    By the truck, they are not tamed!

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    My step son says the Lord Eland Derby is one of the most beautiful animals he's ever seen! I agree!

    Thanks, for the photos...that bushbuck picture is incredible!

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    The photos only show the great effort put forth for a success safari.

    There are a great many of your wonderful photos that one would be proud of.
    James Grage - New Mexico
    Hold a steady Eye & Rifle...
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    Great hunt, that Eland is impressive !

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    Thanks Christophe for sharing your season in CAR with us! Incredible pictures and trophies as always.

    Jerome Philippe, Founder of
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    Excellent photos and a very successful hunt..

    Impressive pose for the first red flanked duiker...unusual but I like it.
    Member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild

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    Amazing photos and a grade A hunt; sorry to hear about the bout of malaria!
    Come visit my elk hunting website to get some amazing elk hunting tips at:

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    this hunt was finished many moons ago now , and what a great hunt it would've been in any hunters book , some truly awesome animals taken ,
    im wondering what become of johns leopard ?
    as we cant bring any spotted cats into Australia .
    the worst days hunting ,still shits all over the best day at work

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    14 animals and som ereally great ones. Magic hun for sure I guess there`s a god chance he`s coming back for Bongo With his luck it shoudn`t be a problem
    Hunted Norway and South Africa, so many places left:)

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