Kudu, Omburu Namibia June 2009

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    Kudu, Omburu Namibia June 2009

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    Kudu, Omburu Namibia June 2009

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    1. almostacowboy77

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    A beautiful animal. Well done!
    #1 Sun August 29, 2010 3:52pm

    Thank you. When we spotted him he was walking a fence line about 500 yds out and going away. Fortunately, a bull appeared on the opposite side of the fence, so he had to face him for a couple of minutes (as we zigged and zagged in an out of the tree line - all up hill, of course) and we were able to close to within about 300 yds. He then resumed his casual, but ground-coveringly efficient stride up the fence line. Then, he disappeared into the brush to investigate a cow-calf herd, and we were able to get within about 250-225 yds, when he turned around and started back in our direction. We thought we'd been spotted. So, we dropped down in the grass and my PH (and friend) Dirk Rohrmann, peeked up, set up the sticks and said, "He stopped. Shoot him". I got up and got as steady as I could (for a 60+ yr old who just chased a Kudu for over 1/2 a mile) and I got him in the spine thru the shoulder on a front quartering shot at just over 200 yds.
    #2 Mon August 30, 2010 3:35pm


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