My first big buck

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    My first big buck

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    My first big buck

    This is my first big deer. I had just gotten off of crutches from a motor cycle accident, the doctor told to wait another 2 weeks before attempting to walk without them. I was so crazy though from being immobilized for 4 months that I had to get out for the first day of gun season. I couldn’t climb a tree stand so i had to walk about 400 yards to a spot where I knew deer would be moving, and just find a good spot to sit. I was sitting there n to expecting to see anything. Then this big guy came by with 2 does at about 10 yards. I was upwind so he couldn’t smell me and I eased my encore to my shoulder, and settled the cross hairs on his throat, it was the only part of him that I could see. He was looking at me trying to figure out just exactly what I was, and just as he was getting ready to run I shot him and he dropped deader than a door nail, 10 yards from me. It was a happy ending to a very miserable year.

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    very nice Congrats!!!!!!
    #1 Mon November 10, 2014 3:20pm


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