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How To Feed 600 Locals

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How To Feed 600 Locals

When you give money to a charity to feed starving Africans, a small fraction of the money actually buys food. When you shoot the meat yourself, 100% of it feeds them. And there's LOTS of meat when its an elephant.
This is what the Africans call 'greenies' do not understand. The US ivory importation ban has led to many hungry tribal natives. When I first arrived they literally were desperate for meat and had been resorting to eating carrion and small (like 4") tortoises. (The tortoises have been nearly wiped out as well.)
The 3500 lbs of elephant meat will feed about 400 starving Africans for 3 months. As you can see, they didn't wait for the butcher. The African 'bush telegraph' let them all know food was waiting.
I was so awestruck when these men, women and children, some of them literally walking all night to get there for a real meal, I just stood there for hours while they cut it up, cooked some up on the spot and hauled the rest off on their heads.

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