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On the Tracks of the Big Five in Angola

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On the Tracks of the Big Five in Angola

On the Tracks of the Big Five in Angola by Jorge Alves de Lima

LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES NUMBERED AND SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR - Purchase at http://www.kirongozi.com/

Jorge Alves de Lima’s third book, On the Tracks of the Big Five in Angola, takes read­ers on a grand journey filled with adventure, sport and romance during the second half of the twentieth century. The renowned hunter and author picks up where his previous books left off, telling the story of his years in Angola running the safari company, Kirongozi Ango­la, his return to Brazil where he hunted the jag­uar, and of his subsequent days at his expansive ranch, where he lives with his beloved big cats.

For over forty years, Alves de Lima travelled through some of the world’s harsh­est and most mysterious landscapes, hunting everything from elephants and rhinos to lions and jaguars. One of the most respected profes­sional hunters of the modern era, Alves de Lima also was an explorer and consummate busi­nessman who introduced people from around the globe to the sport of big game hunting.

In this riveting collection of hunting stories, the author describes in great detail his many trips through the heart of Africa and Brazil in pursuit of the most beauti­ful—and dangerous—animals on the planet. Faced with the perils of wildlife in addition to local conflicts and interna­tional politics, life on the hunt was always a challenge—and Alves de Lima was ever the man to rise to the occasion.

Accompanied by hundreds of stunning photographs as well as first-hand accounts of his fellow hunters, in­cluding such luminaries as Bill Negley, Hugo Seia, Tony Sanchez-Ariño, Óscar Aníbal Piçarra de Castro Cardoso, Alberto de Castilho, Rubens Ribeiro Marx Junior, and Richard Mason, this book takes the reader on a safari of their own, resplendent with all of the trials and the glory of hunting big game. It is a journey of intrigue and of a life well lived and full of daring: the life of a true adventurer.

On the Tracks of the Big Five in Angola was published independently and printed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies, which are numbered and signed by the author.

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