Leopards are stalking throuh the night

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    Leopards are stalking throuh the night

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    Leopards are stalking throuh the night

    The nights in africa are all high dramatic and could bring people with a light sleep without difficult to the same.
    I always sleep like a log and the efforts of the day I fell abysmally ,almost like a blackout, in the kindom of the dreams.Our strawhut camp was in the wood's,borderd on one side on a river.
    Good filled with crocodiles and hippos.One night,for a split of a second,I thought people are quarelling with someone for my window at home in munic.And then,completly awake,I rememberd that it was in africa.
    Feeled 50 Baboons,was in fear and are barking hystericly a leopard on his nightly tour,like maniacs over hours on the same place.When you imagine,for your garden,are barking severel bunches of German shepheard dogs and Rottweilers,than you have a realistic comparison to this monkey business,which happens here in the night, on the border of nowwhere.When it begins,I was stoked on it,but otherwise I had to get up every day at 4.00 a.m for buffalo hunt,this noise got on my nerves.Bloody monkeys I tought after two hours,the leopard is under guarantee over all hills.And really,the chaos endend by and by.But suddenly one monkey was exciting and the circus started again.So deceived to my sleep,I get up,flashed on the floor in the dark with my lamp.To make sure, not to step on a snake or something else,to make my catlick for buffalo-stalking.It was 3.30 a.m.

    Variation: for the picture above,it is the best you make your room a little bit darker and move your head.So you can see a very good leopard male.Sorry gents,I haven't got more light,when I shot this picture.

    My PH always said,that 99% of big game in africa are peacefull animals.But the 1% rest ist existant and real.The locals,for example,is by heavy monetary,completly forbidden,to dispose their dead persons in the bush.The government don't want to breed lions,lepards,or hyenas to maneaters.
    But when you know the ironhard ground in the bush and the often courious life philosophy of the locals.
    Than you have the funniest thoughts,when you,allone, deep in the night,sitting by a climmering campfire,listening the call of the wild,which give sometimes only 30 meters away, their best.
    Yes,at that moments,you wish the rest of 1% far,far away.
    Greetings from munic
    a.m.e. (apologise my english)

    Bffeltrume_2.jpg Leoparden_schleichen_durch_die_Nacht.jpg abnormer_Bffel.jpg K_95.jpg Schussbild_K_95_HDB.jpg
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