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Ultimate accuracy shooting sticks

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Ultimate accuracy shooting sticks

These sticks were invented by an Austrian hunter. I used them for the last 12 years of my pro hunting life. I never had a client miss with them. As you can see from the pics, I have the rifle butt leaning against the door and not being held by anyone...how much steadier does it get?!
For quick shooting or at close range, the sticks can be kept together and used in the conventional way, if a little more time allows, they can be opened up a little more and then opened fully if the distance is great or you have lots of time!
Making a short set for use either sitting or kneeling for hunting on the Tundra or open spaces would make them very much more portable for the American hunters. But for African use, they are best left long! The pair I made for my client use has the individual pieces (sticks) about 6'6" long!
Note the end cut away piece on the left side of the sticks by the pistol grip to facilitate the hand and keep the cheek from being scratched or injured.
They take a little getting used to from a handling point of view but they are deadly in terms of accuracy!
I always wanted to make and sell them...just never got round to it!

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Ole Bally

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Very similar to bog pod system, but the bog pod looks to be better made of course.
#1 Mon March 23, 2015 8:42pm


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