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Richard Ahern's 50.5 inches Kudu Bull shot at Induna Safaris, the 2012 reco

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Richard Ahern's 50.5 inches Kudu Bull shot at Induna Safaris, the 2012 reco

This amazing Kudu was one of the most memorable hunts that I have ever guided. A very brief description of the hunt- Richard shot the kudu at about 8 am- and he ran off, we searched for about 4 hours, and found no kudu, and no blood. But we were both sure that he had hit the kudu. Called in extra people to help us look so we had about 7 pairs of eyes looking but still no luck, so we called it a day. While driving home I spotted a kudu about 1KM from where Richard shot the last one.Stopped the vehicle, and saw that it was not the same Kudu-out of habit I did a quick scan of the bush from the vehicle with my binoculars, and to my utter amazement I spotted the Kudu Richard had shot, and I just knew straight away that it was him!Our relief and excitement was boiling over now, following our heavy disappointment from the mornings search. So off we went and put another stalk on this Kudu bull. We moved extremely slowly and quietly, and unbelievably while stalking, the Kudu bull lay down and died under the tree!
So Richard shot this monster with one shot!
The emotions we endured during this hunt was indescribable, the excitement of first spotting this Kudu, then the sheer disappointment when we thought he had got away, and eventually we concluded that we were both wrong and that Richard must have missed. The shock and again excitement, and relief at seeing him again, and the adrenaline rush of the stalk, feeling the pressure of getting this animal.And finally the immense respect and admiration for this majestic animal.What a hunt! Definitely one to go down in the history books.

and unbelievably spotted Richard's Kudu standing under a tree. So we stalked this monster again, very slowly. To our utter amazement while we were stalking him, he fell over and died- under the tree, a kilometer from where he was shot! Unbelievable hunting story, the emotions that we endured in that day of hunting was incredible. The utter disappointment when thought we had lost him, and then the relief, and amazement when we found him again. But also the amount of respect and admiration we had for this majestic beast. Richard Ahern from France and I had the time of our lives that day, and it was a week of hunting we thoroughly enjoyed.

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