CAPSTICK Hunting The White Rhino

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    CAPSTICK Hunting The White Rhino

    CAPSTICK Hunting The White Rhino

    What can be said about Capstick that hasn't already been said? Nothing much i dare say. But he's the one man responsable for getting me into the Africa side of things and i suspect i'm not on my own there.

    Produced in the late 1980's there is something of a nostalgic feel to it, even though probably there's more Rhino about today. (For the time being anyway!). We watch as broadcaster Ken Wilson tries to get his first Rhino, shooting a .375. The PH, Wilson and Capstick, together with his 'Beret' and monacle, stalk close to several bulls before finally choosing the unlucky individual. The shot placement isn't good, but that's what can happen with the adrenalin runs high.

    At the start of the DVD there is a very good piece of film on the saving of the white rhino, the capture and subsequent relocation of them. Its very good and well worth a watch. But, if I'm honest, this DVD is not about the Rhino, or the shooting of such, its about Capstick. His tales and his mannerisms. The way he 'hams it up' going through the long grass and bush. You can tell he's a consummate professional at building up drama. And i must confess i love every damn moment of it!

    You can find these DVD cheap on Ebay as well as all the other DVD's in the series and i recommend the whole lot of them.

    Capstick at his best!

    hunting-roebuck.jpeg Capstick-Hunting-The-White-Rhino.jpg
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