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Ivory on a side street of Mombasa ready to ship to America

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Ivory on a side street of Mombasa ready to ship to America

From the old captions on the back of the photos :

"........The building on the left is the store room of an American firm which handles HUNDREDS OF TONS of Ivory EVERY YEAR, some tusks weighing as much as 250 pounds....The ivory will be shipped to the USA and EUROPE. Antwerp, Belgium is the best market for Ivory. It will be made into handles, toilet articles, billiard balls, and ornaments of many kinds. However, more will be made into PIANO KEYS than for any other purpose....."

Hmmmmm....and that's only ONE of MANY companies.

All of these captions deserve a deeper discussion of this matter. The Japanese government continues to this day to try to get Africa to release all of the impounded and Poached Ivory TO JAPAN as a SPECIAL EXCEPTION because "...we Japanese need the African Ivory. It's a part of our honorable history and culture......".

Yeah, right. So are Piano Keys on the rest of the planet.

On that matter, the Japanese Government can go screw itself.....and use plastics like the rest of the civilized world.

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