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    Record Lion

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    Record Lion

    The lion hunt was one of the most exciting. The objective was to get him over bait-eventually after several days we noted he was taking the bait- the problem was- we were never there when that occurred!!! On day 6 we got to the bait and noted he not only took the bait( gemsbok) but also was in our blind -which was nothing more than mopane/ acasia branches, so we waited thinking he may return- he didn't; it was suggested that we come back in the evening and wait him out-so my son, the PH and I sat there all night- in pitch black, freezing our you-know-whats off- but he never returned. We never heard a roar but plenty of snarls and grunts all around us-REALLY!!!! We decided to come back in early am and while waiting we received a call from trackers that they spotted a big male chomping on "something" about a mile behind us. We decided to get in the cruiser and drive to approximately where they spotted him. By the way the also saw some females meandering in the area also.
    When we got about 5oo yds from him the tracker on the top of the cruiser spotted him. As you can see the grass is high so it was decided to drive a little farther- the cruiser sounded like a 57 Chevy dragging beer cans, but we actually were able to drive to about 250 yds When we got off the cruiser the tracker yelled for us to get back on- the females were to our right!!! The male was oblivious- just eating-the females scattered to our right, we got off and walked about 25-30 yds closer. My first shot was off the PH's shoulder- he forgot the sticks and the shot was high and just behind the left front shoulder paralyzing him but I assure you he was very much alive when we got up to him. Another shot again behind the left front shoulder finished him. While we were celebrating ,etc the females began to close in- so the PH let off some shots to scatter them- we then took the required photos( govt required) and loaded him up an got out of there quick
    Gun: 375HH( Dakota- circa Don Allen) Barnes triple shock 270gr
    Weighed 563lb and measured 26 8/16 and scored # 18 in the SCI( it was decided to enter him by the PH because he was so big-I'm not that preoccupied with such things
    So I have a nice plaque and am in the record book- How cool!!!

    mike_copper_springbok.jpg SCI_1_Warthog_taken_by_John_Conway_of_Tucson_Arizona_.jpg IMG_2023.JPG IMG_03111.JPG DSC02768.JPG
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    One of the finest lions, I have ever seen
    #1 Fri July 29, 2011 2:12pm

    #2 Thu May 22, 2014 5:07pm
    What country was he taken in?
    #3 Fri August 8, 2014 3:02pm
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    Petrus Geldenhuys
    Nice Lion
    #5 Wed October 28, 2015 10:00am


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