.458 Lott
platform; Win Mod 70 C.R.F.
barrel; Pacnor 20".
Stock; Accurate Innovations Turkish walnut xx with aluminium bedding chassis.
Sights; N.E.C.G.
Finish; Gunkote matt black corrosion resist.
Metalwork; S.S.K Industries.
Finish weight; 8 & 1/2 lbs.
Over-all length; 41"

.500 M.D.M Ultra.
550gn @ 2400 fps.
510gn @ 2600 fps.
470gn Brass Non-con @ 2750.

Light and short for plenty of carry, handles like a pistol, and points like a shotgun.
Feeds shells like a hog at a trough and will bring down anything that walks the face of this Earth.