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Hunting Buffalo

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Hunting Buffalo

In 2006 he was hunting buffalo in Brazil was in August and was very hot the temperature was 45 degree C and was very dry, had a local guide who knew where the buffalo were going to drink water when the sun was so hot, it was 12 hours when we were looking for a shadow to rest and eat something, when I spotted about 200 yards a beautiful buffalo in a puddle of water about 100 yards got a good shot, and shot my 375, the shot was good over the animal ran for the tall grass, was very hot, and I are tired and hungry, began to trace the animal for more than three hours, seeing little drops of blood on the grass, suddenly the guide yells "Buffalo" and the animal a few feet hidden among small palm thorn, goes on attack towards me, quickly shot the animal a few feet and he stumbled and shot again then it dropped to less than 5 meters, this time the buffalo fell to the floor and I sat with my legs shaking.

It was a great hunt, and never hunted buffalo alone.

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