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Alaskan Grizzly Bear Mount

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Alaskan Grizzly Bear Mount

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Mount

The close-up of the Bears face reveal a pleasing eye turn, turning the Bear's attention to the viewer. Also note ... the nose is the actual Bear's nose! Many taxidermists today prefer to cut the natural nose off, in favor of a plastic reproduction. It's a fast, and cheap method of producing a "dead" nose on a Bear mount. What? Nose castings are made from the noses of dead mammals ... therefore any and all "detail" contained on the nose cast reproduces those details found on a dead nose. It is a Taxidermist's duty to produce the most lifelike restoration of the subject at hand ... and one cannot do that by using parts cast from a dead specimen! Besides ... I truly believe that unless the nose is horribly ruined either by shooting it, or cutting it off in the field, no one has the right to chop off part of any hard won trophy animal in favor of expediency! It takes skill to correctly reproduce the inner nostril details by hand ... skills that every competent Taxidermist should possess!

John Bellucci,
Master Taxidermist.

John Bellucci's Artistic Wildlife Taxidermy

Bellucci-015-AfricanLioness6mo_78-300ClnBlackBkgrnd.jpg Bellucci-022-GrizzlyLS_JeffBowman-A.jpg Bellucci-023-GrizzlyLS-HdCU_JeffBowman.jpg Bellucci-024-GrizzlyLS-HdCU_JeffBowman.jpg Bellucci-025-IguanaLS.jpg
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